Why WeChat for Your Business?

WeChat in South Africa

WeChat has been in Western media due to its extraordinary MAU (Monthly Active Usage) growth and the marketing opportunities it presents for reaching huge Chinese audiences.

WeChat is, of course, also growing impressively in other countries, most notably South East Asia and right here in South Africa, the latter which you may have seen this mobile social messaging application used as a powerful, second-screen experience for TV programmes such as Big Brother Mzansi and Idols.

WeChat’s Official Account Ecosystem for Your Business

  • WeChat Official Accounts are a powerful CRM tool
    • Secure, private communication lends itself to customer relation management
    • Through the use of APIs, you can integrate your existing CRM solution with WeChat
    • Unlike CRM tools that rely on users emailing queries or making phone calls, WeChat provides a more relevant and possibly preferred method of communication: instant messaging (bolstered by rich media such as images, videos, voice, etc.).
  • One-to-one communications
    • You can have private conversations with your customers
    • You can request sensitive information in a safe environment
  • Rich media messaging
    • Users can also communicate back to you in these rich media formats that are baked into the app
  • WeChat’s Powerful APIs
    • The available Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allow you to extend the WeChat application to suit your exact needs with some tech development
    • Powerful third-party WeChat Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WeChat Builder and Brand WeChat have already built a huge library of features and you can add your own
  • WeChat is a cost-effective mobile app solution
    • In most cases, it’s considerably cheaper to create and run a WeChat official account than to create a native app from scratch
    • WeChat is available across popular smartphone platforms – usually an expensive exercise with standalone native apps
    • You can potentially tap into an existing audience of WeChat users
  • Potential 100% reach
    • Content that is broadcasted can be received by your entire follower base without additional effort or expense
    • For Service accounts, broadcast messages appear in the user’s chat list
    • For Subscription accounts, broadcast messages appear under Subscription accounts folder in the chat list
  • Communication targeting
    • You can segment your user base into groups. e.g. VIPs, inner circle, etc.
    • You can then broadcast custom messages to specific groups
    • WeChat by default allows location segmentation by country and city
  • Easy sharing of content
    • WeChat has built-in sharing mechanics that allow users to share your content to their network (e.g. group chats, Moments, Facebook)
  • Variety of features for contests
    • Rich media messaging and polls are available in the most basic accounts and provide several opportunities for you to engage your audience in contests
    • You can also delight with scratch cards (actual scratching on the screen to reveal a reward) and dispense coupons
    • QR codes provide multiple ways for users to interact with the real world using your official account such as enhancing their retail experience through a simple scan and other O2O (Offline-to-Online) applications

Why WeChat in South Africa

With WeChat continually growing in South Africa at a rapid pace and the application becoming a powerful utility with a strong social component, it’s no wonder that some of the biggest brands/publications in the world (even those outside of China) have added WeChat to their respective strategies.