Our Partners



In 2018 we are honoured to have a new home and partnership with Perch, a modern co-working space based in the heart of the prime business district in Rosebank, Joburg. Perch aims to be a dynamic working environment that fosters collaboration between its members whom consist of entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals.

The GWS sees a natural partnership with Perch in not only hosting our monthly gatherings but also an opportunity to deeply explore how people work together and the associated dynamics.

"Our search for The GoodWork Society’s new home was very brief, having encountered Perch early in our search. We immediately connected to their purpose: to create more than just a beautiful space but to also drive a culture that improves collaboration and conversation, thereby enriching the work experience for those open to modern, creative ways of working.” – Palesa Sibeko, The GoodWork Society co-founder




Inquisition is an employee experience design company. Inquisition helps teams of people work and create better today by helping people apply design-thinking principles to their work.