Today, most organisations are pressured by external shareholders who push for ever increasing growth. They take decisions which threaten to diminish the quality of work experienced by employees because they're driven toward profitability even over the quality of work they provide their employees. 

As quality of work diminishes people feel less fulfilled by their work and their performance drops. Caught in a spiral downward they're often scrutinised by managers who are pushing for productivity and they tend to give up hope and resign themselves to a job in which creativity and fulfilment never feature. 

Imagine the cost of feeling unfulfilled, unproductive and disconnected with your ability to be create on broader society. 

As a community of designers we believe that Good Work should be a basic human right and that designed to be centres of creativity modern organisations can deliver on that promise. 

Our community of researchers, problem-solvers and thinkers through public debate, research and social-impact projects will highlight the need for Good Work and put into motion projects which encourage and enable organisations to invest in Good Work.  

We hope that through our work we can encourage organisations to become active contributors to society by enabling people to work better and live better.