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F$$ck That

F$$ck That


How do you get a job here...

The way we work today is broken. It's so broken that most organisations are growing in spite of themselves. They lose smart people, they can't seem to engage 40% of their employees, and they're generally pretty awful places to spend 70% of your lives. 


There's a better way and we are going to spend our lives figuring out how to improve the way we design organisations.  We do this by supporting ambitious teams with learning and development consulting to ensure they're capable of creating the kinds of organisations we all want to work at. 

We want to make the working world more human. 


We are consultants. The big C word. It often means you do just the thinking. You consult as a trusted external advisor to an organisation but you don't get too involved. Instead we like to get our hands dirty. We prefer seeing the teams we work with improve, rather than do the work for them. That way they're capable of learning and improving long-term. We're just happy to take the credit for unleashing their potential in practical learning programmes as opposed to taking the credit for the work they do. 

If you're thinking, "hey consultant, I like blue blazers, and I've watched MadMen and that looks great and I bet Inquisition will be just like that", you're wrong, go work at a legacy consulting firm. 

So here's what we need you to nod your head in affirmation with: 

To get an internship at Inquisition you'll need an adaptable mindset. That means you're comfortable in an organisation where change is constant, and the challenges which are sent our way are complex. 

Inquisition creates the tools (like a strategy game), nudges (our week long design thinking bootcamp), and coaches teams to unleash their potential for creative problem solving.  

We're not saying you need it, but a background in - or a fascination in, the biosciences, liberal arts, education, design, economics or behavioural psychology would be advantageous. Why? You're likely to have covered some of the texts which we've found  in our journey to better understand what it means to be human, and what it "feels" like to engage in work.

If you skipped school, that's OK too, if you've dived into and tried to understand the way some of the best teams in the world work then you're just as capable. Some of those companies are: 

Google, Spotify, Facebook, Patagonia, Morningstar, Slack, Buzzfeed, Medium. 

Don't be put off though, we're *way* more interested in your capacity for learning, and even more interested in you if you believe in our purpose. 

Alongside being adaptable you're going to be pushed to continuously learn and try new things on our team and our client’s team. There are no "bosses" at Inquisition, so when we say you are going to learn and try new things we mean without asking permission or waiting for approval. Come up with an idea, test it deliberately, measure it, learn from your test and tell us what happened. That's how we get smarter as people, and way smarter as a company. 

Some of the roles we switch between at Inquisition are consultant, strategist, curriculum designer, organisational designer, ethnographer, designer, and analyst depending on the conditions of the work and should seek to stay abreast of new ways of working in each, or develop a deeeeep speciality in one and work at being the best in the world at it. 

For new team members we have a formal on-boarding at Inquisition in which you'll be challenged to: 

  • Experience what we do by experimenting with our methods on a safe-to-fail internal project by establishing a team around a design challenge within Inquisition and then lead the team through the design process to address it 
  • Dive into our extensive library, and get out into the world and diagnose a challenge one of our clients might be facing. From your research develop a workshop we could offer to one of our clients as part of our Sparks programme. 
  • Present research back to our team on how the best teams in the world are working and turn as much of your research into regular contributions to our Medium Publication Inquisition at Work
  • Self-assign into one of the projects on the go at Inquisition and contribute meaningfully to the outcome of the project. 
  • Attend and then conduct one of Inquisition's Sparks with one of our clients - don't worry we'll help you with your first one

Are you ready to apply now?  Mail us on

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