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Designing Institutions to support the Future African City.

  • GIBS Co.Central 26 Melville Road Johannesburg South Africa (map)

Join us for a night of designing centres of ethics for educational institutions and organisations which will support African cities and their citizens in the future

Imagine that it’s the year 2050 in Africa and our cities are undergoing several changes, from political shifts and evolving cultures to physical city expansions and technology-driven developments. What are ethics that need to be in place to guide how people learn and work for our societies to thrive?

You and the GWS community will design and then share a manifesto for the future African academic or corporate institution. The GWS takes the view that children entering the schooling system will have not have traditional career paths as we know them today. This shift in how they begin to think about the purpose of their learning and careers will materially impact their relationships with their peers, their homelives and their view of individual success in society.

Most institutions today are exploring ways to respond to the "4th Industrial Age" but often limit what they are willing to change to technology, structure or process as opposed to a fundamental shift in the way that they view their role in society. Together we will design a manifesto which might help organisations transform from being extractive to contributive members of a future African city.

To ground our work in the reality of today's education system we will hear from Fatimra Adam.

Fatima is the Senior Manager for Communications and Research at the Zenex Foundation, which she joined in 2012 after serving as programme director for Open Society Africa and in enrolment planning at the University of Johannesburg. Fatima holds a PhD in Higher Education Transformation, a B.Sc. (Chemistry) and a Masters degree in Critical Thinking.

Fatima will share a short provocation looking at the schooling and tertiary education systems and how that needs to change to adapt to the skills needed in the future and sharing her views on what organisations will need need to do in order to be mindful of the upcoming workforce.

Experience on the Night: Envisioning and then Designing the Future African City

  • The event will start at 18:00 with a 20-minute talk from Fatima Adam.

  • Groups will be formed around 2 challenges related to building a body of ethics for institutions(educational and corporations) to support the African City.

  • Groups will be facilitated through a process of envisioning the citizen of the future and designing centres to support them.

What We Will Produce

As a collective we will produce a manifesto for academic and corporate institutions to share publicly for comment and review. This will form the basis of continued research and discussion as we explore ways organisations might need to change today to support citizens of African cities in the future.

Let’s Break Bread Together (what to bring)

We believe breaking bread together stimulates connections between people. Bring something to snack on which you don't mind sharing but don't feel obliged to do so if you cannot — there will be plenty to share. If you're stumped for ideas bring an affordable bottle of wine, or your favourite iced tea and some fresh bread.

Our new venue partners GIBS Co.Central

We're taking The GoodWork Society to GIBS. We're excited by the prospect of The GoodWork Society events being held in a space designed specifically to enable groups to solve problems. Co.central at GIBS is a "unique space for learning and being where if you can imagine it, we can make it happen". Take a virtual tour of Co.Central