DESIGN THINKING - learn design-thinking methods and how to multiply your investment in Design-Thinking by enabling it to really work. 



Why Design-Thinking? 

Design-thinking allows teams and organisations to surface and solve complex organisational challenges. Our design-thinking training empowers individuals in your company to identify challenges, form multi-disciplinary teams, and apply the design-thinking process to solve real business problems in South Africa.

Design-Thinking Playbook

We know that every organisation is different and your design-thinking process should be adapted just for your organisation.  Design methods fail when they fails to integrate into the on-going work of a team successfully. We leave you with a custom Design-Thinking playbook to take back into your organisation to multiply the effect of your investment into Design-Thinking. 

On-Site Delivery

Our Design-Thinking workshops are delivered on-site and are customised to your team's needs. We've applied Design-Thinking to improving Customer-Centricity in an Insurance firm, have worked with a sales team to develop a custom design-thinking playbook which allowed them to develop customer-centred and innovative ways to generate value for clients. 

The workshops are ideal for your team no-matter what level your team are at. 


We're skeptical of Design-Thinking trainers who believe that the Design-Thinking process is a panacea. Design-Thinking alone will not fix your business' challenges. To maximise your investment into Design-Thinking training your organisation must become Design-Ready.  All of our Design-Thinking workshops bake organisation-design into design training so that when you walk away from a design workshop with Inquisition  you will be able to connect your design capabilities to your organisation's challenges and understand how to overcome some of the typical blockers to Design Thinking. 


Wwe introduce and apply design methods to your team's existing work. The learning is the work and the work is the learning. 

Your team will be empowered with the ability to apply design methods to existing work and long after we're gone can continue to experiment and learn. 


  • Design-Thinking Methods and how to apply them in your organisation when time and money are constraints
  • Learn how to develop a design project plan and plan your first design research project
  • Learn how to apply Design-tools like service and experience mapping and personas 
  • Making a case for the Design-Thinking 
  • Communicating the value of Design and the results of Design to executives to rally teams behind Design
  • Assessing your team's design skills and learn how to build a movement behind design to scale across your organisation


  • Understand Design-Thinking methods which drive customer-centred decision making 

  • Walk away with a custom Design-Thinking playbook for your organisation 

  • Multiply your return on investment in Design-Thinking by learning how enable and scale it 


"Very few times in business, do you get to participate in a process that can change the course of your business. 

That is exactly what Inquisition did for us.

-- — Reinard du Plessis - ATKV



Book a half-day or full-day workshop to introduce the method in a series of practical exercises or contact us to develop a custom Design Accelerator bootcamp to solve a challenge quickly.   



Our learn-by-doing approach starts by uniting teams around real business challenges. Together we use design to work toward desirable outcomes and use design to support on-going innovation and a capacity for change. 


We believe that design is a meaningful way to creatively address the challenge of designing a naturally engaging employee experience. 


Looking to scale design across your organisations we consult on organisations who see change as an opportunity to do better work.