BOT DESIGN -  design your first bot in our 1 day bot design workshop.  



1. Identify end-user/employee needs (Bot Purpose)
2. Identify how a bot fits into your HR/org ecosystem
3. Build a feature set (what is does and doesn’t do)
4. Craft your bot persona (style, behaviour and responses)
5. Write bot core experiences (prototype)
6. Set up measurement criteria (‘bot metrics’)
7. An implementation plan for continuous development and testing of your bot your team

In a one day workshop with your team you will learn how to design a bot assistant.

Our Bot Workshop is ideal for I.T, digital, marketing and advertising, design or communications teams who want to learn how to design a bot which achieves the balance between bot and human interaction.

Inquisition's on-site workshops are suitable for up to 12 participants, unless otherwise arranged, and typically cost R42,500 ex VAT and travel for a full day workshop tailored to your organisation's strategic goals. 

A workshop open to the public will be held in the first week of September 2017 and the cost is R3,750 ex VAT per person


Digital assistants, or bot assistants are everywhere. From virtual travel desks to filling the role of a financial advisor, bot assistants help humans to do routine tasks more efficiently.

Messaging apps have surpassed social networks in usage. Your customers and employees are highly engaged in messaging apps and you should be experimenting with how you can get into the mix. 


Most of your customers agree that bot assistants deliver enhanced service when compare to humans in customer service roles.  Many of your employees spend their time slowed down by paper-work, administration and transactional people management tasks like approving leave. That's the kind of work better outsourced to a enterprise ready bot assistant. 

Gartner recommends that “organizations deploy at least one bot internally and begin to actively develop bots to assess use in the enterprise with a focus on the current pain points in the use of business applications.”

It's becoming ever harder to distinguish between bots and people. The lines may have blurred but customers and employees want the best of both. They expect AI to take care of simple tasks but don't want to lose the human touch. 

Getting started with bots

Setting aside the technology behind the bot, the crux of designing a bot is personality, conversation and experience. You're better off without a bot if talking to it feels like you're making small-talk with the most boring dinner guest in the world.

That's why we want to help you start your bot design right by helping your team assess why your organisation needs a bot, what pain points it can help to address and then design the conversation and experience which will keep people engaged and ultimately happy.     

Your team will learn to design a bot persona and conversation which achieves the balance between bot and human interaction so that you maintain a healthy and human relationship with your clients and employees while delivering an exceptional customer or employee experience.  




Book a half-day introduction to bot workshop or the full day workshop to develop your first bot assistant with practical exercises.  



If you'd prefer that our team works on-site with you to develop your bot assistant book time with us to discuss.

With partners at SiGNL we can bring your bot assistant to life. 


“Very few times in business, do you get to participate in a process that can change the course of your business. That is exactly what Inquisition did for us.”

— Reinard du Plessis - GM Sales, ATKV-Sake