Toward Contagious Curiosity

At Inquisition, we believe that purposeful work is contagious.

We work with your team to cultivate a culture of curiosity, experimentation, and learning to not only develop and improve your products, but to fundamentally change the way your team thinks and works.

We value and promote design thinking and methods, because we believe that everyone has the potential to think creatively and bring about positive change.

We spend our time developing and refining a set of tools that help us guide product development and create learning programs as well as workshops and trainings. 

We aim to create working conditions that fuse purpose, autonomy, transparency and learning to evolve or adapt as the future does.

We work with teams to create a culture of curiosity and experimentation to fundamentally change the way your organisation works.


Toward Healthy Communities at Work

Inquisition believes in creating healthy workplace communities.

When organised as communities, teams are able to tap into their potential for creative output innate in everyone to innovate constantly, acting as a collective toward a business goal.

We work with you to design employee experiences that improve employee engagement and ultimately lead to great customer interactions. We do this by naturally engaging communities, where people aspire to be part of your organisation. Our way of working ensures that we transfer our capabilities to you so you can continue to experiment, learn and improve even after we’re gone.

A healthy community empowers people to do purpose-driven, innovative work.

Strands of a healthy community are: 

  • Cooperative team collaboration
  • Information to guide teamwork
  • Transparent communication between teams and clients
  • Constant monitoring and measurement of team needs

  • Contribution from its members makes a real difference and is valued, leading to increased employee engagement
  • Continuously improves and learns so it can constantly up-skill and innovate to improve profitability
  • Breeds an autonomous workforce that is led by purpose 
  • Favours collaborative effort so it can benefit from otherwise latent skills
  • Is able adapt quickly to change: can quickly reorganise in order to meet challenges beyond job titles
  • Communicates freely and openly so opportunities (and dangers) can be spotted quickly and acted upon
  • Concerns itself with the success at individual level AND the organisation as a whole

What does a healthy community look like?


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